Top Holiday Celebrations In Spartanburg

Spartanburg, South Carolina offers plenty of holiday celebrations during the Christmas season. Festivities include ice skating, a parade, a Christmas village, and a spectacular holiday lights display. All ages will enjoy these seasonal activities.

Morgan Square in downtown Spartanburg will be transformed into a winter wonderland for Skating on the Square. From November 16-January 6, 2013 skaters will be able to enjoy Spartanburgs new open air skating rink. A $10 admission ticket allows skating all day and includes skate rental. Skating lessons are available. Hours are Monday-Thursday from 3-9pm, Fridays from 3-11pm, Saturdays from 10am-11pm, and Sundays from 1-9pm. Skating times on Christmas Day are 4-9pm.

Ballet Spartanburg will present The Nutcracker December 7-9 at Twitchell Auditorium on the campus of Converse College. The holiday favorite features lavish costumes and the largest Christmas tree ever on display on the auditorium stage. Tickets are $32 for adults, $26 for seniors, and $20 for students. A childrens Nutcracker Sweets Party is scheduled for December 8 at 1pm. Attendees will meet the characters from the ballet and enjoy holiday treats. Tickets for the party and Nutcracker production are $40.

The Spartanburg Christmas Parade is scheduled for December 11 at 6:30pm in downtown Spartanburg. The parade features marching bands, lighted floats, and Santa in his sleigh. This is one of the only parades in the area to be held in the evening.

Thousands visit the nearby town of Pacolet during the holiday season to see A Village at Christmas. On December 1 there will be a live nativity at the ruins of the Old Victor Inn. Visitors can see the free light displays at the Pacolet amphitheater from 6:30-9:30pm on December 14, 15, and 17-22. Tickets for the Pacolet Santa Express train ride are $3 for adults and $2 for children.

Holiday Lights Safari is an annual tradition in Upstate South Carolina. Visitors can drive through millions of holiday lights and displays at Hollywild Animal Park. Enjoy a life sized nativity scene, lighted castles, animals, and even Noahs Ark. Drive through the Enchanted Deer Forest and feed the animals that come right up to the car. At the walking area, visitors may feed baby animals, take a pony ride, visit Santa, enjoy refreshments, and warm themselves at the bonfire. Holiday Lights Safari is open nightly from November 17-January 5, 2013 including holidays. Hours are 6-9pm with extended hours on weekends. Admission is $6 per person. Hollywild Animal Park is located at 2325 Hampton Road in Wellford, South Carolina.

Fun Tennis Holiday

People who play tennis do so as it is great as an exercise and it is amusing too. For those who are about to embark over a vacation, you are able to play tennis with your friends or other people who are on break in order to have hours of fun. You may also prefer to play tennis so as to improve your moves just in case you haven’t played in a while and may need a refresher. No matter how good you might be naturally, nothing beats getting in some preparation. If you are planning to go on a holday, why don’t you make it a tennis holiday?

You may think that a tennis holiday sounds funny, but a lot of people can vouch for how fun it is. You get to experiment with your favorite game, hone your skills and you also get to keep fit. This means you could eat all you desire and never worry about gaining weight since you are exercising anyway. You can then multitask and attain a good deal like improve your tennis game and also achieve a leaner and fitter body after all the tennis you played while on vacation. If you are perhaps new to tennis, you are able to go on a tennis holiday where you are sure to have fun learning a fresh skill and getting fit. Since you are learning anyway, why not learn in courts which are perfectly maintained and also well lit? Why not choose to learn from coaches that adhere to the rules of the ETA so that you know you are getting your dollars’s worth by training with certified professionals who will sequentially pass on all their skills to you?

You might not become a professional tennis player but it is possible to at the very least get the best sort of training. By going on a holiday you are making sure that you have a great time and if you choose a tennis holiday, fun is exactly what you are going to get.If you are set on doing something, you better make sure that you do that right including tennis holidays. Make sure yuo get to learn form certified professionals so that you learn the proper way.

Lesbian Vacation Ideas – 5 Great Places To Visit

Not all places are accommodating to lesbian couples looking for a nice vacation getaway. While many cities are becoming more open minded, some places will simply shun lesbian couples. There are however, plenty of excellent vacation destinations that cater to same-sex lovers so that they can enjoy a romantic and fun vacation away from home.

New York City may very well be one of the most popular cities to visit. In June during Pride month, thousands upon thousands of visitors flock to the city to support same-sex marriages and participate in exciting events and parades. In NYC lesbian couples can have the time of their lives going to the many places in the city that specifically cater to gay couples.

San Francisco California may be deemed the most accepting city for gay couples, but it is still a beautiful vacation or honeymoon location. No matter what you want to explore in the city, there is something for everyone. The city offers upscale dining and casual dining, fun parks to visit, as well as stunning art galleries. Not to mention the different neighborhoods within the city, such as Chinatown, offer plenty of extra food and fun to participate in.

San Diego California is another popular location. Here there are sandy beaches and hip downtown areas to explore. Gay travelers love San Diego since it is such an accepting and open city. There are gay clubs for couples to enjoy together, dining, and even shopping centers that cater to lesbians. The San Diego gay pride celebration is also hosted here in June. San Diego is also famous for Blacks Beach, which is a gay and nudist beach!

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a city for anyone and everyone. Lesbian couples will quickly find that Las Vegas is accommodating for all types of people, regardless of their ethnicity or sexual orientation. There are plenty of gorgeous hotels to explore, shows, and even free shows. There is never any question as to where to dine either, since there are tons of buffets and diners located in all corners of the city. You can do as you please in Las Vegas and have plenty of crazy fun in the process. Nothing is off limits in this city, which is why it is such a great location for gay travel and honeymoons, or even weddings!

With landmarks, hotels, museums, art galleries, and plenty of shopping, Chicago Illinois is a fantastic city to visit with the love of your life. Whether you want a casual vacation or a seriously romantic getaway, Chicago can accommodate to your needs. There are plenty of gay clubs as well, in addition to plenty of shopping areas.

Yes, new parents can go on holiday – introducing baby friendly holidays

My husband and I are avid travelers – we enjoy spending our holidays exploring Europe. You name it, from tourist attraction sites to surfing adventures at the beach, we find something fun to do every year.

Last year after we had our first child, we thought our annual holiday plans would have to be put on hold indefinitely. Imagine navigating through busy hotspots and beaches with a baby stroller and all the risks with challenging climates and arduous travelling routes? With a baby, we thought that the prospects of an enjoyable family holiday were bleak and impossible.

Miraculously, we found that it is possible to enjoy a baby friendly holiday within the UK itself. By holidaying in the UK, difficult travelling routes and drastic changes in climate and surroundings can be avoided. We discovered a lovely holiday spot in Devon that was perfect for our holiday.

Devon provided just the right amount of change of scenery – with its lovely countryside and coastal views -without being too far from home and familiar surroundings. The climate in Devon is warm, and does not fluctuate drastically and we did not have to carry extra clothes or worry that the baby would be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

We found a perfect little cottage for our baby friendly holiday in Devon fully furnished and affordable! It seemed as if it was designed specifically for our family with its own travel cot, high chair and changing mat, so we did not have to carry our own baby necessities. The kitchen was fully equipped, so we could store and heat our babys favourite food.

With entertainment features, a family bathroom, heating facilities, parking on site as well as a lovely garden, the cottage was very homely and comforting a perfect baby friendly holiday! The cottage was situated within walking distance to the beach, local shops, restaurants and leisure centre. In addition, with the stunning view of the coast and the tranquil countryside nearby we managed to find ample things to do without any stress or hassle on our holiday.

Baby friendly holidays in Devon are very popular with new parents and can easily be researched online. There are many UK holiday company websites that provide information, and you can select the perfect cottage out of hundreds of options, that offer baby friendly facilities and are conveniently located for you to enjoy your break.

Research Things To Do Before Your Next Vacation

You will have a lot more fun on your next vacation if you book a few special things to do before you leave. In many cases, you may not even have to buy tickets or make reservations in order to enjoy certain attractions and sites. You just have to know where they are and what you will need to in order to enjoy the experience.

Think about the types of activities that might interest your family members. If you and your kids like to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature, you might want to plan some things to do that involve staying active. A lot of vacation destinations offer folks the opportunity to hike, bike, kayak, fish, fly kites, and sightsee on foot. Of course, this means that you will have to bring sneakers and outdoor gear. Be sure to check the weather report beforehand and pack accordingly. This will ensure that you and your loved ones will be properly dressed for any weather conditions you might encounter. It is also a good idea to have some back-up plans, just in case the weather is too bad to be outside. The kids might enjoy visiting a museum or checking out a few gift shops that sell items unique to the destination.

Are you a big history buff? In that case, you should look into visiting some of the historic homes and other significant sites in the area where you’ll be vacationing. These kinds of places offer a lot of unique things to do. You might be able to watch a reenactment or walk in the footsteps of some famous American. You might even be able to take a haunted history tour in the evening. The guides that run these tours usually have lots of intriguing stories to share.

With all these considerations in mind, you are probably pretty eager to get planning. Most vacation destinations have websites that you can browse in order to find out more about the things to do there. You might also go to the library or local bookstore to find guidebooks about where you are going. These resources will help you figure out where to eat, shop, and have a good time, regardless of your budget.

Start making plans today. The more you plan in advance, the better of an idea you’ll have about what you want to see when you get there. Plus, knowing you have a vacation in the near future gives you something to look forward to with excitement.

Searching for things to do on Mackinac Island during your next vacation? Check out the following to get some ideas: .

Discover Ireland With Seaside Holiday Accommodation

Ireland has emerged as one of the best and most visited tourist destination in the world. The country has many things to offer its visiting tourists such as its lush green unspoiled natural heritage, exciting culture, rich history, friendly people, authentic Irish cuisine, and its extremely beautiful beaches. The list of must visit places in Ireland is uncountable.

The country has got more than 1500 km of long coastline which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Irish Sea on the east. These beaches are the most spectacular and beautiful in whole Europe. Among these beaches the most famous are:-
Brittas Bay beach
Rossnowlagh beach
Ballybunion beach
Curracloe beach
Morriscastle beach and many more

These beaches are one of the most visited tourist destination in Ireland. Because of their popularity you can easily get a decent accommodation facility near the beach. There are many options available at these places such as the sea side hotel or resort located near to these beaches. Every kind of accommodation facility is available as per the different needs and requirements of the visitors.

These sea side holiday accommodations plays a perfect host when you want to spend your whole holiday enjoying the beauty of the calm and vast ocean. The rooms in these beach hotels are also very large, airy and warm. Some of the luxury sea side hotels or resorts even offer luxury suites which are equipped with separate living, dining and bedroom spaces. Most of the sea side holiday accommodations even have a balcony or a private sun deck area for people to take sun bath in their own privacy. Some sea side hotels and resorts in Ireland even have their own private beaches which are accessible by their own guests only. Most of them are even equipped with heated swimming pool, 24 hour sauna facility, gyms, spas and massage centers to cater the visitors requirement.

These beach hotels have something for every one of every age group. Experience their quality restaurants, pubs and discos where you can eat, drink, and dance to unwind yourself. They even have the facility of onsite entertainment and event facility such as dance and music show by any renowned local artist or any good band or group. Just check out the list of these amenities offered by these sea side hotels before booking them.
Due to tourist rush in Ireland its advisable to do advanced online reservations and booking of hotels and flights before visiting the country. You can even visit various websites to know more about the places to visit, accommodation facility, shopping and other required information.

Enjoy Your Vacation With A Comfortable Rv Mattress

Going on an RV trip with your family gives flamboyant memories that last the whole . However , the quality of your RV mattress can help define if those memories will be worth remembering . Sleeping on a convenient RV mattress will help you get a full, healthy night of sleep , which makes you energized, alert and ready to hit the pavement for another day on the open road. Without the good rest, your mind and body will not work to their maximum capacity. Bad sleep habits can make your RV friends unbearable to be with.

Investing in a high quality, convenient memory foam RV mattress may cost a bit upfront , but the price will be more than worth it in the long run . There is no need to pay for a hotel room if you get a convenient RV mattress back at your RV. The ordinary mattress that comes with your RV may not be as nice as your mattress at home, which is why the majority of people prefer a hotel mattress to their RV mattress. You can even go green and buy a botanical latex RV mattress.

To find a more suitable RV mattress for you and your family while camping , visit your local mattress stores . Say a salesperson that you are searching for an RV mattress, and he should be able to direct you to the RV mattresses that you can select from. If an ordinary size RV mattress wont fit in your RV, a bed or mattress store can special order the needed size . Another option is to test with the producer of your RV. The producer will often be able to help you get a more comfortable mattress than the ordinary RV mattress that go with your RV.

Every RV trip must be planned and prepared before you ever set off on the open road. Some basic necessities that you should always contain in your vacation arranging are food supplies, games and activities and an abundance of toilet paper. With these supplies , you wont need to make pit stops for anything other than complete pleasure . Unite your supplies with a convenient RV mattress, and you will never have to leave your RV. Besides , you will be able to do the activities and see the sights that you always hoped to see with the sum of money that you save by skipping out on useless hotel rooms. Create your next family trip a dream vacation with a good RV mattress. Right now, is offering $500 off every RV mattress, and free customization or a 10% discount if you are an AAA member.

Fundamental Coverage Must Haves Of Single Excursion Travel Insurance Plans

As individuals tighten their budgets, one of the first things they cut is amusement and vacations. Where they once might have taken multiple vacations every year, they are presently taking just one and they have been doing their due diligence in research and planning.

I’ve been doing this for some time now. Running out of your drug might be frightening, as well as I have seen many an upset customer worry excessively about that problem. So allow me to make some still propositions which should make filling your medication while traveling a little less challenging.

5) If you’re leaving the state on a journey, then you almost surely must bring enough medicine along with you as your order for medicine will never be valid outside the U.S. Within this case, you must refill it before leaving for a sufficient quantity to cover your travel time and you can even have to pay for this supply in the event your insurance does not allow for such an early refill.

Arranging a cruise vacation can sound like lots of of fun, particularly because most are all inclusive, that means one payment which is it. Yes, you will not have to worry about to flash cash around or whip out your charge card. Nonetheless, what would take place if you needed to cancel the cruise? Most cruise tickets are non refundable. With you will not have to won’t need, they will cover your cancellation.

Eventually, Annual and medical coverage’s are something to consider. Yearly coverage is something that you may need if you make multiple excursions in a single year. Medical coverage changes depending on your policy. Some medical is not covered with international claims.

Only 2,500 folks are let to permitted Macau Picacho daily, half of which are porters. So, it’s wise to reserve your trip well ahead of time, and maintain your travel dates flexible.

Don’t get diverted and stick to the coverage options you understand that you can make use of. Deviation from path can happen when you run into low priced, full coverage offers. The main point is purchasing just the choices you need and not jumping on the initial bargain that comes the right path.

I heard a good-natured gripe from a young woman who is off backpacking alone in Southeast Asia. She felt that she was merely following the same path that tens of thousands of others were on and her encounters were not worthwhile or specific. Perhaps she should quit worrying about being unique and just appreciate it and take great advantage of the stimulation and experiences of others. They learned their lessons the hard way so that she doesn’t have to!

The Holiday Packages Are Incomplete If You Aren’t Secure!

These days, people prefer to take up holiday packages for their holiday trips, rather than booking things separately. This makes it easier for them to keep a check on their expenses and also, save money. Also, there is no need for a lot of planning and putting efforts in creating an itinerary. Actually, people barely possess the time to precisely look upon all the minute details nowadays. Therefore, something that does not consume much time and is pocket-friendly becomes the best way out. In addition, the all inclusive holiday packages are the most favorable because they come with an already prepared schedule for the journey.

The package includes everything from travelling to staying in a hotel or holiday resort; from food to sightseeing; and from various activities to all types of luxury facilities. One additional thing that your tour package should comprise of is your security. Usually, when you visit a new country, state, or city for your holiday trip, you should put extra emphasis on your safety. Unfamiliar with the entire setting and lifestyle of the place, requires you to take good care of yourself as well as your friends and family. Hence, ensure that one of the many travel companies that you book your package at, is reliable and offers complete safety along with the holiday package.

On the whole, your personal security is your own responsibility as well. Keep in mind some basic rules, while you travel different parts of the world with your family, friends, relatives, or even alone. The tourists should always stay in groups, irrespective of any holiday destination they visit. Being together in a group of five or more makes it easier to fight back certain problems that you might face during a trip. Also, staying in a group helps you enjoy more and explore the place better. While on the tour, you might come across a large variety of people, some out of whom belong to the same country or city that you are touring, and others might be tourists as you. Do not get involved with the ones that you do not feel comfortable talking to or those, who seem weird to you.

Many times, we end up booking a holiday package to a secluded destination that one might have never heard of, only because we wish to stay away from the crowded city life. In such a situation, one should book packages only through a known and dependable travel agent. This is because; you would not want to end up being placed in an average hotel or holiday resort that is not famous and safe. Also, do not forget to inform your family about your whereabouts, when on a vacation to a place, where mobile phones cannot be accessible. Updating them every day could keep you as well as them relaxed. It would be better, if you help them with the landline number of your hotel.

Such basic rules will keep you safe during your holiday trip!

Download Free Adventure Games Directly To Your PC!

Computers are a common sight today. But a few years ago not many households had one. Even if they did have any, the machines were not very expensive ones and were certainly not capable of handling the heavy games that were being manufactured. Today however there have been three major changes that have enabled users to download free adventurous games right to their personal computers, laptops, and even mobile devices. >

The first factor was the speed of Internet connections. While previous Internet connections hardly had enough speeds to run high end games, the broadband connections that are available today enable users to not only free adventure games online but also enabled them to download high quality games to their computers. As the reach and magnitude of these internet connections spread, it also triggered a fall in prices of internet connections. So while the speed of connections increased their pricing on the other hand decreased.

The second factor was the availability of cheap computers. As the use of computers increased, so did the competition in the market. As competition increased the costs of machines came down as did the cost of spare parts. As spare parts of computers were now available for cheap rates, more and more users began assembling their own high end machines modifying them as per their individual needs like equipping them with processors and RAMs to play new fighting games on their machines. Some even started making changes to the ones they already had.

The introduction of laptops and mobile devices also made sure that the prices for computers further came down. More and more people started moving to laptops instead of personal computers and soon even laptops began to be modified especially for gaming. Soon, mobile devices too were being manufactured with speedy processors so that users could play games on them.

The third factor was the innovative technologies that game manufacturers started using to develop their games. This not only increased the quality of these games but also made sure that the files required to run these games were not too heavy. High end graphics were now developed without drastically increasing the size of files.

Instead of single or at the most dual player games, games now began featuring the multiplayer options. Games started being stored on servers and users could access and play free adventure games anytime they wanted by simply downloading the necessary files and not the entire game.

So while fast internet connections enabled gamers to compete with players from all over the world, high end computers made it possible for them to play the best fighting games that were of the highest possible quality, thanks to smarter game development techniques.