Travel Vouchers With Fundraisers

There are many ways to market your travel business or team up with others in the travel industry for fundraisers. And some popular ways involve the use of travel vouchers.

Travel vouchers are generally issued by companies in the travel industry like airlines for complimentary airfare, hotel stays and other perks. They might be given out for stranded travelers whove missed connecting flights or as bonuses or for any number of reasons.

You can also use vouchers in fundraising efforts. Here are some popular promotional ideas:

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What To Have On A Cross-countrey Road Trip

Theres nothing worse than beginning a cross country road trip and discovering your forgot your case of CDs two hundred miles back. Before beginning any long road trip, it is always essential to make sure you have all the items necessary to ensure youre thoroughly prepared for anything the vast expanse of the United States has to offer you. This article will discuss these essential items and why theyre important to have.

One of the worst aspects of a cross-country trip is the endless boredom that accompanies the open road. This goes double for those going at it alone. While having a ready supply of music is essential, at times it can become repetitive. This is where audio books and podcasts come in. With a quick search online you can find literally hundreds, if not thousands, of podcasts, almost all of which are available for free download. The same can be said for audio books, though they may require a more diligent search, as they usually have a fee attached to them. Programs such as iTunes break audio books and podcasts in categories, and while some are free and some arent, the options are endless.

When driving cross country, you have to be prepared for anything. As such, every car should contain a variety of items necessary for any situation. In addition to a spare tire and toolkit, some helpful items include towels, a change of clothes in a plastic bag, a gas canister, flashlights, and batteries. Beyond this you should be sure to have at a readily available location your insurance information, registration, etc. In some cases some form of protection, be it a gun (which requires a permit) or something as simple as a tire iron or crowbar may provide you with some peace of mind, especially if you decide to eschew hotels in favor of sleeping in the car.

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Reasons To Choose A Vacation Rental

If youve been thinking about choosing a rental for your vacation, but you arent sure, below are ten reasons you should select a home rental instead of going the more traditional route of staying at a hotel. These tips might make your choice a little easier!

1. Vacation rentals can save you money. Whether you are taking a long weekend with a significant other or a full week trip with a group of friends, youll find that a vacation rental can be a great value.

2. Youll feel less like a tourist, and more like a local. Staying in a home in a residential neighborhood will give you a more genuine travel experience than staying in a hotel.

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Take Your Job on the Road Travel Therapy, a Job Option you cant Pass Up

As we continue on into 2011, there is still talk about high levels of unemployment, huge government deficits, little coverage for healthcare and the list goes on. It makes the very idea of searching for a job, much less the ideal job, seem daunting. One exception is the healthcare industry! As one of the larger industries currently in the U.S., the job opportunities for physical therapists and occupational therapists continue to grow – but what sweetens the deal even more is the ability to have a job that travels as well. As a travel therapist, you can enjoy doing what you love, make a difference and explore the country!

No matter what skill level youre at, from new graduates to experienced therapists, travel therapy agencies cater to your needs to help you find the ideal job based on your skill level and assignment preferences. Whether you want to work in your hometown or explore another state, there are many options available. A common myth when deciding between a permanent position versus a traveling one is the compensation and benefits – many professionals believe that permanent therapists have similar or even more compensation when in fact, travelers often receive a substantially higher one. Travel therapy jobs offer great pay, benefits and travel opportunities. In fact, travel therapists are among the highest paid in the industry. Some benefits of travel therapy jobs include: free corporate furnished housing, travel expense allowance and free continuing education classes.

Additionally, more often than not, permanent therapists are generally obligated to sign annual contracts to become eligible for relocation and sign-on bonuses. Travelers are only obligated to fulfill a job for 13 weeks (varies depending on agency and job) and are still eligible for bonuses. Additionally, once youre signed on to be a travel therapist, it will look great on your resume – the exposure is just as exciting as the adventure! Many facilities understand that traveling therapists are exposed to diverse patient populations and gain significant knowledge from interacting with various clinical teams on each assignment. A travel therapy agency has a catalog of assignments in different settings; such as: outpatient, hospitals, inpatient rehab, pediatrics, skilled nursing and more. So, travelers are able to enjoy a wide variety of assignments and locations.

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Travel Industry Jobs From Travel Agent Jobs To Brand Managers!

Travel industry jobs arent just front facing customer service jobs. There are travel agent jobs at every level, including the cashier at the bureau de change, the holiday sales person in the travel agent and a whole architecture of background staff and roles, which includes positions requiring qualifications at every level.

Travel itself, of course, is a global brand travel packages are what get a large proportion of the travelling public out of the country. So, some of the most important travel industry jobs fall to the men and women employed to create those packages in the first place.

The skills required for a travel brand manager are multifarious – organisation, an affinity with people, creativity and the ability to manage large projects to a successful conclusion. These travel agent jobs are usually taken by people with training and a degree in hospitality management, and can command significant starting salaries.

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